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I’m a family man first, a husband to an amazing woman, Connie, my best friend for more than a quarter of a century (sounds cooler that way!). I am also the father of four pretty cool kids, all adults…which scares the heck out of me! And I am a grandfather ot two of the cutest little girls on the planet, of course I am very biased.

I am a disabled US Army veteran (1972-1973) and life member of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). I am also an entrepreneur with over 30 years experience creating and building businesses. I love my family, my dogs (TuffGuy and Bart), reading, soccer, working out, walking, and physical anthropology, any science really.

I am an ex-university professor. I graduated summa with three BAs, one in history, one in anthropology, and one in psychology. I won a prestigious doctoral fellowship to one of the nation’s most competitive programs to study for my doctorate in physical anthropology. I have researched & written extensively in my field, and I have explored a great deal of the world, including the rain forests of Central America, either on my own or as part of a team…including National Geographic funded expeditions.

I am currently engaged in the creation and development of an Internet marketing consultancy known as The Ultimate Internet Image. I have a number of other online businesses, across a variety of niches. I train top-level amateur and professional athletes and own an online and in-home tutoring business, my first online venture and my real love…working with kids who are struggling!

My clients, also my friends, do quite well as a result of our relationships and I treasure each one of them.

Welcome to my profile and thank you for spending the time to get to know me!

Lakewood, Ohio USA


Posted January 16, 2010 by John Zajaros

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